Friday, March 3, 2017

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The Great Kettles, a Tale of Time by Dean Morrissey, a book review

The second following Ship of Dreams, Dean Morrissey as author and illustrator does an amazing job of story telling and illustrating in The Great Kettles, a Tale of Time. My children love these books. My five-year-old boy, in particular loves the paintings. He enjoys pointing out small details. Like the snakes in the train, the Sandman's ship in the sky, and the lantern at Joey's feet as just a few examples.

In this tale, Joey continues his adventure with mythical folk, primarily Father Time. He does come across The Sandman again briefly. He's once again rather stranded. Will he be able to get home?

The illustrations in this book are phenomenal. They are lovely and detailed and perfectly support the story. Morrissey started them in 1992 and finished them in 1996. The time he spent on them is obvious.
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