Friday, March 24, 2017

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Goldfish and Chrysanthemums by Andrea Cheng, a book review

In Goldfish and Chrysanthemums by Andrea Cheng, a little girl is inspired by a letter her grandmother received from her brother in China. Perhaps Nancy hears the sorrow in her grandmother over the loss of a family property that was so treasured. Room must be made for apartment buildings, so a place she remembers with much fondness is being overtaken.

This Chinese grandmother, Nini, lives with her grandchildren and their parents. Nancy decides to create a garden like the one her grandmother has lost. She does an admirable job with her limited skill set and no expenditure. Her parents allow it, and a neighbor helps, but the little girl does most of the work. She invites her brother to join in the project of finishing the surprise for their grandmother.

Potentially a good story to help children see that they are able to do things to help if they think creatively and are willing to put in some work. Others want to help those who are working hard to make things happen.

Michelle Chang does a good job illustrating this story. The colors are muted, so they didn't hold the attention of my three and five year olds. Still, the rest of my children enjoyed it.  My seven year old especially enjoyed it.  She asked me to review it.  So, here we are.

Have you read Goldfish and Chrysanthemums by Andrea Cheng?
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