Friday, March 3, 2017

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Carousel Cat by Robert J. Blake, a book review

Apparently, I really like children's picture books in which the author is also illustrator! Carousel Cat is written and illustrated by Robert J. Blake.

The illustrations in this book were not nearly so captivating to me as in previous author/illustrator books I've reviewed. My children really enjoyed them, though. How do I know? If they don't enjoy the pictures, they get up when I'm reading and the quiet erupts into their noisier play. So, I'm pleased with the art for its ability to keep my children's attention.

I like the story. It left me wondering if the happenings were based on real incidents. Are the characters based on real people? I haven't been curious enough to find out, but it's interesting to think that they could be.

The plot twist involving the cat is pretty fun. My children really enjoyed it.

Have you read Carousel Cat? What did you think?

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