Friday, March 10, 2017

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The Pitiful Pirates by Jane Arlington, a book review

My children read The Pitiful Pirates by Jane Arlington before I did. Very soon after they read it, they put it in front of me telling me I absolutely had to read it. They were so excited as I began it, that I couldn't help wondering what was so great about the story. It's not a rhyming story (which I definitely prefer in children's picture books), so I was waiting to realize why they were so excited for me to read it.

When I read the part of the story in which the storm kicks up, I did find it pretty funny. Of course, given our Cap'N Hugh “Strongback” Golly, this book would be pretty appropriate and enjoyable to all of us. Lydian, the little girl in the story, made a suggestion to the pirates after observing their difficulty with the storm. That is why my children were so tickled and excited for me to read this book. It's pretty perfect for us if you think of my very first children's book!

Meredeth Johnson illustrated this picture book. The illustrations are really perfect for the story. The portrayal of Lydia in the illustrations is completely believable and adorable. The other characters are equally fitting and fun.

We liked this children's picture book! Have you read The Pitiful Pirates by Jane Arlington? What did you think?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my eldest daughter!
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