Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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writing life: what I do in town

Two or three days a week, most weeks, I go to town to do some work online. This is particularly enjoyable for me because I very much dislike really hot weather. Sitting in air conditioning to work, is easier, for sure.

Most of the time, I work at the Library (which is in the mall) or Whataburger. The latter being somewhat easier some of the time because I'm able to have water there. It's difficult for a nursing Mama to be without water for very long.

GrA is with me when I go to town on my own, which is one or two days each week, most weeks. I prefer going at night because he's getting older and it's more difficult to work while caring for him. When he was younger (and I started going to town to work on writerly stuff when he was two months old), it was pretty easy because he just slept and nursed. Now, though, he wants a great deal more interaction. He does sleep well through the night, so going to town during the night I'm able to get more done than if I try to work through the day.

So, one or two days a week I go to town anywhere from 2pm until sometime in the wee hours of the next morning. Some days I've stayed as late at 7am. Those are days when my arrival is considerably later the night before. Usually, I leave between 5 and 6am.

What do I do online? Well, I usually have a few things to cut and paste and upload. Sometimes I copy and paste writing (like this, actually) in to my blog. Often, I have videos of GrA and other YouTube things to upload. When I was first learning to use the video editing software I use, I watched “How To” YouTubes as I did it because I couldn't figure it out on my own. YouTube is awesome!

The free picture editing tools online are better than any I have, so I do that in town. I also search for free pictures and clipart to prepare various things for different purposes. For instance, pictures may be used for a thumbnail for YouTube, a meme for Facebook, and potentially for my blog as well. If there's no picture for each blog entry, it's not very Pinnable, doncha know!

For the most part, I don't write much while in town. Sometimes I edit when I wasn't able to finish that at home for something that needs to be posted or scheduled. I prefer to get things scheduled rather than just saved as drafts because if it's a draft I still have to think about it. Whereas, if it's scheduled, it's ready to go. I like having things fully ready!

In addition to all that, I also prepare posts for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I've started working in Goodreads a little here and there.

Getting things scheduled out, is very important and helpful to me. As a Mama of six, I simply refuse to allow my work life to be a last-minute sort of situation. Knowing myself as I do, that would cause me tremendous anxiety. So, I schedule posts out as far in advance as I'm able.

Before I ever began this effort and venture, I'd read about other bloggers who have their whole calendar fully scheduled for six months in advance. I'm sure there are times where it gets a little less and even some when they have their blog ready for more than that. That makes absolute and perfect sense to me. And since I have so many social media outlets I'm working to build, I attempt to schedule out as much as I can manage.

It's definitely a progression and building process!

From the beginning, I had a plan. It has changed and grown along the way. I think and hope it's all for the better. I'd love to hear what you think of what you've seen!

Can you see how I've been building? Can you tell where I've started? What I've focused on first? I'm curious, if you've been following since I've made this effort public, if you can tell what I've been doing and where it looks to you like I'm going! Do tell!
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