Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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my thoughts: on bullying

For the most part, I really and truly think that many really blow this issue out of proportion. Truly. However, I recently heard from a Mama whose son had truly experienced bullying of a horrendous nature. He was beat up on the bus. His head was beat against the bus window repeatedly, his body was stomped upon repeatedly, and then the bus diver let him off the bus well before his own stop and he walked home. His mother (and I with her) was glad the made it home, but he immediately collapsed and she couldn't get him to wake up. They rushed to the emergency room and he was okay by a couple days later.

But seriously? I mean, another kid did this to another kid! Perhaps this struck me so very painfully because I know someone who was attacked by a group of other men and beaten to a pulp. He ended up in intensive care for many days. He was unrecognizable. After that experience, he became unrecognizable as a person as well. Since that time, he has walked through the valley of the shadow of death. It has been exceedingly painful to witness.

Still, he was an adult. At least he had a relatively happy childhood by all accounts.

After learning about this little boy's experience, I almost immediately monologued to my children. In my verbal explosion of feelings brought on by learning about this little boy's experience of bullying, I basically my own children that they must DO something if they were ever witness to something of this nature, whether physical or verbal.

I believe the man I mentioned above is only alive because his friend realized what was happening to him and covered the man's body with his own. Such an act of self-sacrifice and love! We should all be so brave… but so many are not. Am I that kind of brave? I honestly don't know. I've told people to stop gossiping to me, but mostly I just change the subject.

Gossip is verbal bullying behind the victim's back… so that's why I mention it. So, what have I done, then… waited a few minutes while watching the attack and then redirecting the attackers attentions elsewhere. #sigh#

Have you stood up for someone? I would like to hear about physical and verbal interventions. What did you do? Would you do something different next time?
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