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An Overview

Eldest of six. Four guys. One other lady.
NAVY Dad.  Homemaker Mom.
Parents settled in the city in which Dad retired.
I kept going: Utah, Texas, back to Virginia, Japan, Australia, back to Virginia.
After getting married, teaching, and becoming a homeschooling Mama (twice), we moved again.
To Florida (another baby joined our family).  Then another city in the Central Florida area (two more babies).
August 2014 we left Florida and moved to East Texas (one more baby... so far).
We are pretty well off-grid now.
A lonely roo.
And loads of plans.

lots more chickens
other poultry (turkey, yes please!)
more animals, in general... goats, a cow, dogs....
an earth dome room
an earthship
other alternative building "cabin" rooms
a sort of Bed and Breakfast Work for Vacation sort of place... off-grid, of course

I've written all along the way.  Mostly for my children and myself.

2015 left me feeling impressed that I needed to do more writing.  2015 I wrote over 200,000 words in a very short period of time at the end of the year.

June 2, 2016 my husband hurt his back really badly.  There were a few experiences that led me to believe I needed to buck up and start DOing something with my writing.  So, I've been working at it since.  Working like it depends on me and praying like it depends on God... cause ultimately, of course, it does.

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