Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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writing life: what it looks like when I work

Where I work heavily influences what my work routine looks like. When at home, if the computer is fully charged, writing blog posts or making some progress in one of my wip (works in progress) is usually the first thing I do when I sit down to work.

Working for me is like ripping a fabric and having thread hanging out reaching for each other. My attention must necessarily be on my children since they are my first responsibility. Writing is very difficult for me as a result because I am frequently pulled out of the world of my thoughts and the train continues on without me. Sometimes I'm able to catch it and continue the ride. At others, I sit with my head in my hands wondering why I'm doing this at all.

I actually know. I just wish I didn't feel as if I had to do it. I resent the circumstances that have put me in a corner which is why I'm doing what I'm doing so vigorously and constantly. I resent broken agreements. If they were just re-made, that would be one thing.


The computer having a fully charged battery enables me to write either blog posts or continue with one of my stories. If the computer is not an option, I have written notes for blog posts on paper. They rarely end up much like the notes, but at least I have many thoughts already recorded. A good starting place, in essence.

Usually, if the computer is unavailable, I'll work on Cap'N Golly plans and rhymes. His rhymes take a bit of time, doncha know! I also write silly songs and more serious songs on paper rather than the computer. So, if I find myself unable to use the computer and have a song started, but not finished, I might work on that.

If I have Cap'N or other video to edit AND any power in the battery of the computer, I have been known to work on that instead of writing. That's because video editing is still a rather time consuming process for me and I have self-made deadlines in mind. I really like to attain small goals. When I do, it makes big ones feel more likely to happen!

Working without breaks (of the chosen or unwanted kind) lasts, at most, thirty minutes. If it lasts longer than that, either I'm ignoring wrong choices among my children, or they are too quiet. Moms… you know what I mean!

GrA still needs to nurse pretty frequently, so every forty-five minutes or so, I stop to spend some time with him. Sometimes I'm able to nurse and type. That worked out better when he was smaller. As he gets older and typing while nursing isn't quite so workable, I tend to read while I nurse. Usually I read books planning to review them on my blog.

Of course, there are also breaks for food (direction and or preparation). And I do need to sleep sometimes, so there's that.

There are town days that I need for internet connectivity. I'll share about that next time.
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