Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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my thoughts: TRUMP

Dear President Trump,

I didn't vote for you. I was worried, you see, about the little I do know and the great deal I've heard and felt that if you could do any good for the country it would be minimal. And I wasn't really sure of your motivations. Let your displeasure at this revelation, for I know it will be great, be soothed by the fact that neither did I vote for your “primary” competition: Mrs. C.

Writing now, in this open letter is in hopes that this message may somehow make it to your eyes. My Mom has said many times that if one person gives you a compliment, at least ten other people thought it and didn't take the time or have the courage to tell you themselves. I love to give compliments and have felt compelled to give you this one for a little while now.

First, your refusal of remuneration for the work you will do in the office of President is commendable and honorable. I have been highly pleased and impressed by this action on your part. I esteem you, sir, for making this choice and in so doing you planted a sweet seed of hope in my heart. And not just hope in you, which is wonderful in itself, but also hope in the political system. I despise politicians. Our country was ever meant to be lead by statesmen. In refusing pay in your role as President, I believe you have shown your desire to be a true statesman. What pleasure I feel in the hope that this is your motivation! Thank you… thank you for that seed of hope!

And then your actions… you have surely done far more than I have heard. For, you see, I live a simply life in the country. No television. Little internet (only what I can get on my mobile phone when the signal is good and it is often NOT). No radio. So, basically, I don't hear all that much. Yet, I have heard good things.

A man who was set against you… a member of the black power establishment (not panthers or anything like that, as far as I know… just one of the big wigs who seem more interested in divisiveness under the guise of civil rights) visited you and came away from that visit touting your acclaim. This was impressive, for sure. It is my opinion that seeking to communicate directly and clearly will often lead to such changes. You have proved it with, at least, him and I am so very pleased!

The business deal in which you directly asked a company to build their new location within the states. They agreed. As a result you brought a significant number of jobs to the US. BEFORE you were in office. Simply by directly speaking to someone who could make such a decision and posing the question. I'm sure I've oversimplified drastically. There may be bits involved in the deal that many will be displeased about, but I guarantee those who will be gainfully employed will not be among them.

Given what I know, I have great hopes that your interactions with Putin are positive and bend on healing our alliance with his country. Your predecessor did so much harm to so many long-standing relationships. I have great hope that you will move us back into a more peaceful situation with them, others, and especially Israel.

I turned 41 in December. I've voted a few times. I've watched the actions of your predecessors with chagrin and sometimes despair. Never before you have I felt hope in praying for The President. I pray for you frequently. I pray that you will choose Godly advisers and be surrounded by statesmen and stateswomen!

Your immediate predecessor gave much lip service to hope and change. Much of the change he wrought was probably his intent, but never the wish of those I know! I felt my hope in his work disappear long before his time was extended. You have said nothing about hope and change… yet I have felt hope spring forth from the seeds planted by your actions, which indicate efforts to bring the kind of change that may well heal this nation of harm, perhaps especially debt accrued by those who came before.

President Trump, I hope you will continue to do as you have thus far done of the good I have named and heard. I believe you may be guided by our Father in Heaven and as you seek to do what is best for these United States, may you feel of His guidance and know the right path to bring our Nation to healthier and more fiscally sound days. I'm praying for you, Mr. President!


Tori Gollihugh
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