Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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my thoughts: my man-crush

The month of LOVE... you know with V-day and all.  To celebrate the month of love, I decided to write about my man-crush.

He's hot.  And not just physically.  I'll tell you about that in a minute.  Right now, you get to read  about what is most attractive to me about him.

My man-crush is genuinely a really good guy most of the time.  He works hard and is a genius, talented, and super skilled.  You know, because talents are things one doesn't really have to work hard to do or learn and skills are things we learn to do with greater effort.

His brains are, as with most guys really, the sexiest thing he's got going for him because he can turn a phrase and flip a girl's heart when he wants to so do.  And his voice is the kind that you can listen to forever.  Even if what he's saying is total bunk, his voice is easy on the ears.

He is a great Father and willing to allow God to plan his family.  Doesn't that just make your heart flip-flop?  I mean, how many guys out there are willing to put that much trust in God?  My man-crush only wanted two children before he got married.  He now has six.  That's some huge trust in God right there.  How totally attractive is that?  I don't know about you, but it's hot to me!

Whoever said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach was being overly one-sided, in my opinion.  My man-crush is an amazing Chef and one of the things that keeps him at the tippy top of my *hot guys* list.  Even more awesome, i get to eat his work sometimes.

If you've guessed by now that my man-crush is my husband, then you're right.  Now, i'm going to tell you something else.  This might surprise you a little... right now... lately... i don't really like my husband very much.  He did something seriously unacceptable recently and i haven't been able to entirely let it go.  So, i don't like him much right now.

But i can reflect and see that he really is a good guy most of the time.  And i would rather have more children with him than any other guy i've known.  And he really is an amazing Chef.  Oh, and i almost forgot to tell you about his phyaical hotness.  So, i really did plan to try, but as i think about it and trying to explain his physical appeal, all i can think is "i just have to include a picture of him in blue jeans wearing his cowboy hat."  So, that's what i'll do.  You can see for yourself.  If you don't see his hotness, i'll share with you how i see him.  You've got to let me know, though, if you can't see it plain for yourself, now.
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