Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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writing life: YouTube

Why in the world would an author/writer need a YouTube channel anyway?  Well, writers are more attractive to publishing houses if they have a strong following in various social media outlets.  The more the better... if they are each and all strong.  Mine haven't really been stellar.  Growing is definitely good, though!

Especially since I'm thinking very seriously about going indie.  Independent publishing is up and coming and definitely appealing to me for some reasons that may not be super obvious to you if you haven't watched my channel at all.  And if I'm doing all this work anyway....

Also, I have a great, deep, wide desire for my husband to have a really strong role in this thing I'm doing... something that I could potentially turn over to him as his own thing.  Thus why Cap'N Hugh has had his own day since very early in my channel's life.  Also, his were my first children's books and YouTube, and promoting the search in the other outlets, was really the best way I could think of to search for illustrators.

Video editing was a tough thing for me to learn.  Many YouTube how to's were watched.  A friend's help was accepted thankfully in giving some guidance.  Silly me... I was afraid to mess with the one panel I needed to mess with to make the editing software work.  Isn't that how it goes?

I've still got so much to learn and there are so many ways I want (and probably need) to improve.  I mean, I've got regular posting that shows stuff in my life... and that's the main thing I wanted to do with my channel... so you can know who I really am... Tori FOR REAL... but I also want to have more fun stuff.  Things that are interesting to anyone who takes the time to watch me there.  I want you to come away feeling happier.  Truly.

Next time I'll tell you about my Facebook and probably Twitter, too.

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