Friday, January 27, 2017

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Oh No, Gotta Go! by Susan Middleton Elya, a book review

Oh No, Gotta Go! by Susan Middleton Elya is a wonderful blending of English and Spanish. The movement between the two languages is smooth and the rhythm and rhyme are wonderfully done. I love it when rhyme begins and follows through!

The Spanish is used in such a way that one can readily understand it by context clues. In addition to that understanding, there is a glossary and pronunciation guide at the end.

This book could be a good addition to any home library of parents who want to help their children learn Spanish in a fun and accessible way. I would like to have it for my homeschool library for just this very reason!

The action of the story is something most parents will probably find familiar: looking for a bathroom for their little one. “Didn't you ask her she had to go?” one parent says to the other, “No, didn't you?” the other says. What two parents haven't made the same flub and then had to rush around looking for a restroom for their toddler? Well, my husband and I have… at least a few times!

My children enjoyed this book. They didn't necessarily understand all of the Spanish, but there wasn't too much to be off-putting.

Illustrations should support and expand upon the text in children's picture books. I felt like G. Brian Karas did a good job in Oh No, Gotta Go! Showing places and using Spanish words as additional support for understanding those words within the illustrations.

Oh No, Gotta Go! By Susan Middleton Elya is an all around good book. I definitely recommend it for any family.

Have you read Oh No, Gotta Go!? What do you think about it?

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