Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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writing life: it's not just writing

Did you know that I've been working full-time hours (and more) at this writing thing since June last year (2016)?  And for a few months back in 2015 before my family somehow managed to catch lice and I shaved my head (3 guard) in hopes of speeding up the process of getting through that trial.  It didn't shorten the process.  After I got rid of the buggers, they children caught them again somewhere!  grrrr...

I have written, of course, but since June, the majority of my writing has been for Cap'N Hugh, here in my blog, and songs more than working on the stories I have in my head.  Why?

Well, in the business of writing... it's a big job to get art out for most folks anywhere, regardless of the kind... so it's a bunch of work.  What do I do in that non-writing work time?  Well, I mentioned a few things above.  That may account for a little more than half the 40+ hours per week.  The rest of the time is social media management.

Scheduling posts in Facebook, my blog, and twitter.  Checking in at each of those outlets/hubs as well as YouTube.

And YouTube... wow!  Video editing... that was a huge learning curve for me!  YouTube, in general, has been a steep learning curve for me!

I'll share more in a couple weeks.
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