Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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my thoughts: on politics

A friend told me she looked at my blog to see if I'd posted anything about the political situation just prior to the election in 2016. She was also sorta checking to make sure I was okay since we hadn't chatted in a little while. So sweet, right?

Perhaps I neglected my civic duty when I chose not to share any thoughts about the election. I think not, but I certainly could have. Nonetheless, I digress. (I'm good at it, eh?)

That season has passed and I am glad. I did not vote for our president. I did not vote for Hilary. Make your guess as you may.

What, then, is the purpose for which I write now? To share my thoughts on politics, of course!

We live in an age of broken systems. I could fly on a tangent about any number of them. I will focus, for now, on politics.

Our country was never meant to be split in two. We were not meant to have mere two parties from which to choose. The powers that be, and not of the light, have orchestrated things such that this is what we seem to have. This is what we have if we focus only on what is easiest to know, learn, and see. There are still other options, but because we don't have enough “regular folk” who learn about those options, we are defacto stuck choosing from the primary two options.

Politicians were never meant to run this country. One reason I have had a relatively easy time accepting Trump is that he is not a politician and has proceeded to attempt to keep his campaign promises. Add to that, his acceptance of only $1 salary for the job… I might think he's attempting to be a statesman… yes. Yes, I might think so.

Statesmen/women are meant to lead this country. I hope (used to believe, but not sure I do now) that there are some statespersons in the system or trying to get there. But those who have been working in their current office for longer than, say, eight years… yeah… almost for sure they are not statespersons.

My definition of a statesperson is one who is ready and willing to put aside their own preferences to ensure God is the true leader of the nation and execute the will of the people (so long as it is in line with the former). This might seem like it doesn't jive with politics as they are. If you think so, you're right. Our political system doesn't involve God in things. That is, surely, a huge part of why things are falling apart as much as they are.

Our forefathers included God. They started their discussions with prayer. If I remember correctly, they concluded them with prayer as well. I believe God's involvement is the only reason so many men of such varying dispositions and beliefs could come up with and agree on The Constitution.

Of course, I could be wrong….

Anyway, the system that comprises our poolitical parties and so forth is absolutely broken. The first thing that should be done is salary cuts for members in both houses. Then, term limits for all (not just the President). The final of the first changes I wish I could make is two parts. The first would be to reduce the laws on the books and verbiage of them and ensure that future legislation would have to be equally direct and simply worded.

I would love to see lots more folks who care about their cities, states, and this country run for office. The learning curve would be steep, but I think our country would move in a better direction.
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