Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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writing life: how and where do I sit down to write?

Sometimes I do have to make myself write. Okay… when I write, I've made myself sit down to it. Mostly, it's difficult for me to open the computer to write my story because I know there will be many stops and starts and that is exhausting.

When I have had the luxury of writing continuously and only stopping because of bodily functions and to feed my face, I had a much easier time sitting down to actually write. Life doesn't provide such luxury much any more. And that's okay. I just have to make myself sit down… and that's good for me, right? Working on that little thing called self-mastery. I obviously struggle with it (or I wouldn't carry more than 100 pounds on this fabulous rolly polly bod of mine!). I digress.

So, when I write, I have procrastinated a good bit before-hand. Usually doing necessary (but overmuch of the necessary) platform work that I do. My favorite distraction when I have enough signal is Pinterest. My second fave: working on things for my children's business. Of course, there are all the other parts of my “platform” including, but not necessarily limited to: Facebook, GoodReads, LinkedIn, Twitter… sheesh. It's a full-time job just to keep those succers up to par. I guess that's why they aren't. Up to par, I mean. Sorry about that, by the way. I have been working on being Mama more than ToriForReal, I guess.

Today, I'd hoped to work on my current main creative writing project. I have, at least, 20 stories I want to write and at least half of those have starts on my laptop (and backed up online somewhere). Instead, I've been working on book reviews. I like doing them, though admittedly mine have been pretty lame for the last while. That will improve eventually… I hope.

Incredibly, since I have been so focused on this necessary distraction, I completed six or seven youth fiction reviews and around four children's picture book reviews. So, yeay for lots accomplished! Boo for distracting and procrastinating. grrrr #sigh# Well, I did get a lot done! Oh… and this post. And maybe another one or two. So, that's a pretty good use of a few hours spread out over the course of the day.

I think I write best when I sit at the table. It feels more formal and I tend to be more focused. However, I might be able to write more (with fewer children coming to talk to me) when I sit on a bed in one particular part of our house. It is not nearly as comfy as it sounds, I promise. Right now, I'm writing at the table. Maybe that's why I've gotten so much done today!?

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