Monday, May 1, 2017

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Forward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov, a book review

Forward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov is interesting. Unfortunately, one silly difficulty of not having internet connectivity at the time of reading from this series strikes again: I read what I've read of the Foundation series out of order by a good bit. I've missed a few of the books as well.

Within the pages of this book, we continue to follow Hari Seldon as he strives to bring psychohistory to fruition. A few sad spots arise along the way. He begins to lose people near and dear. One of those losses was rather surprising to me. By the end, and this is a potentially unsurprising spoiler to any who have also read this series, Hari dies a very old man who has basically succeeded in his life's endeavor. Would that we could all be so accomplished!

I like that Wanda, his granddaughter, is among the founders of the second foundation. I also like the way she meets the guy who is like her. It seems like coincidence… which is often, at least in my life, what small miracles look like in my life.

However, small miracles would probably be an affront of a description to Isaac Asimov, if I were to hazard a guess. I'm pretty sure, if his views on cosmology and theology are at all illustrated within the series, that he was a staunch atheist. I wonder if he's changed his mind since dying.

My children will not read this series until they are older at least in part because of the adult handling of the subject of God. The series is relatively philosophical and my girls philosophize plenty on their own. I'm relatively certain the bent of their thoughts would not be improved by reading from this series, at least not in their youth.

Any intimate scenes are handled very smoothly. Not giving details, yet providing a basic understanding of what's transpired.

I like this book and the series. One interesting side effect is that I've been dreaming about the story and characters since finishing Forward the Foundation. It's been rather interesting. I wonder if it's something many experience?

Have you read Forward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov? What did you think of it? Did you have dreams about it and the series when you finished it?
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