Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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my thoughts: it's not easy being green

Being green isn't really what it is. And though the title says it's not easy being green… perhaps it is all too easy to be green. You know, green with envy. No, this post isn't about the evils of envy. It's about stuff more general than that, actually.

I've been pondering much on ease and difficulty of late. Thinking about what is easy and what is not.

Rarely in my life has the easy way been the most productive and best. So, as I think about my past, it seems ease is more a low road… low being both easier to access and less helpful in the long-run. Oh, what a gift when it is both easy and productive and truly beneficial, but it usually is not.

And what makes the good, productive, and best so very difficult? I don't entirely know, of course.

Perhaps resistance to change is part of it… You know, physics' “laws” that have to do with objects in motion wanting to stay in motion and objects at rest needing something to act upon them move… that sort of thing. Sure, that's certainly part of it.

Could there be more? Is there something else that makes improvement and progress so difficult?

Well, because the spiritual is as much a part of life as what is physically apparent (they are really interrelated and completely connected). Could it be that there are forces beyond our perception that would hamper and stop our movement toward what is better? Could is be that there are actually angels of darkness who stand in our way and strive to lead us into paths forbidden?

What do you think? Do you have any experience with this sort of thing? I'd be happy to hear anything you may want to share.

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