Monday, April 17, 2017

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Gifts by Ursula K. LeGuin, a book review

Gifts by Ursula K. LeGuin is an interesting tale about Orrec and Gry with the former being the main character. Orrec is born to the leading family in his area. The leaders of this place are such because they have a strong manifestation of the gift of their line. This story is all about Orrec's effort to manifest his gift AND what comes of it.

Gry has a strong manifestation of her gift, but refuses to use it for the purposes others desire and require of her.

I like this story. For one, it's a tale of giftedness, which I enjoy. Somehow, though, most of the gifts are quite different from the norm, which I also enjoy a great deal.

My two eldest daughters will be allowed to read this because intimate scenes are basically nonexistent and there is no foul language. Yeay! This story is definitely appropriate for all ages as far as I'm concerned.

Have you read Gifts by Ursula K. LeGuin? What did you think of it?
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