Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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my thoughts: group mind

There have been experiments performed that show the power of groups working together to be of one mind. Most of them revolving around meditation groups. I imagine that the same of very similar results may well be attained during times when religious organizations have special meetings for their members, though I am not aware of any studies to prove such.

At least a couple instances show that group meditation has decreased a certain type of crime rate in large cities. How is that even possible? Well, I think it makes perfect sense because like attracts like, right? Lots of people focused on good thoughts and positivity will bring the same. Light attracts light. Light dispels darkness.

I have felt the result of group mind most frequent experience of it has been during General Conference which is a twice yearly meeting of the members of the church to which I belong. On a personal level, it feels like a sort of “shot” of goodness, love, and upliftment. (Yes, I know that last isn't a real word. I like to make up words… and you can tell what it means, right?)

This concept is really valuable and powerful. And I've known about it for a good many years. It has taken me a few years to work through thoughts and feelings about celebrating Christmas on December 25th. Now, as I reflect, I wonder why I didn't see and understand the connection between group mind and Christmas.

My greatest desire has been to honor our Savior in the best way possible. For a few years I have been greatly concerned about the date and mode of celebrating Him in our day. I still have a number of issues with the societal norms and am working to mitigate them within my family. However, among my great concerns was that of date and is no longer a concern at all.

You see, I was worried about the way the date for the celebration was chosen as a result of research, pondering, and prayer. I still do not prefer the date, but accept it because as Christians we can act as light bringers to an otherwise potentially not so bright day. Because we choose how we celebrate the birth of our Savior, we can also stand against the tide of the way the world would distort this very special celebration.
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