Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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observations: late night brings out the weird

It's not a new realization.  Much in life is really repeating the same lessons... hopefully at levels of greater understanding rather than the same one over and over again.  I've certainly experienced loads of paradigm shifts, so I'm pretty sure I'm climbing the  mountain rather than endlessly circling the base!

The time I've spent working to build this blog and my other author-focused social networking outlets has provided me with confirmation of the truth that the later the hour, the stranger the peeps.  Well... until around 3am.  By then, at least where I am, I'm pretty much the only customer.  The only other people in my Whataburger are the employees.  Those are usually my most productive hours... between 3am and 5am.

I do recognize that I am among those strange folks so am one of them.  I'm working through a season of chaos before the onset of greater order.  I have a lot of thoughts about that lately.  Watch for a post in the future!

Often enough, the weirdness I observe is due to alcohol.  Sometimes, though, those out late are just other folks like me.  Maybe they, too, have a touch of insomnia for one reason or another.  Maybe their job is a third shift thing and they need to keep on their schedule even on their days off.  We can't know unless we ask... and I'm here to work, so I haven't asked.

Watching folks sure is interesting.  Especially when they are a bit weird.  What makes them weird?  Basically, behaving in ways that are not generally accepted by society is pretty weird.

For instance, one particular Friday night at my Whataburger found me watching one guy in one corner yell to a woman in the other.  They went back and forth.  No fighting, mind you.  In fact, I think they may have been flirting.  It was crude and I was rushing to put my ear buds in to listen to something less gross.  I'd say that's definitely weird.  They were inebriated.

At another time, a guy was tossing ice from the drink machine down a main isle... like he thought he was in a bowling alley.  *sigh*  I was worried about someone slipping on the melted ice, so I leaned out of my corner booth and very quietly asked him to stop.  He was very meek and did.  That was refreshing.  I'm pretty sure he was also drunk.

Earlier yet, a guy sitting in the middle of the dining room spoke to me about GrA.  For me to hear him, he had to speak loudly.  That's kind weird.

A group of guys let a drunk lady take their picture.  The drunk lady... well, she was drunk.  But those guys were kinda weird... I mean, they didn't know her and who knows where that picture will end up now.  That's weird to me.

Do you think late night hours bring out the weird?  What have you observed?
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