Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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observations: discomfort with being watched

I've noticed lately... or maybe I'm just seeing more clearly?  Anyway, I've observed how many and even most people seem very uncomfy with being watched for any length of time.  I know I am... especially if the watcher is male.

Altogether unintentionally, I have found myself staring at people now and again as I sit in Whataburger and do my writerly stuff.  You know, working hard to schedule blog posts, Facebook posts on my author page, research and study to improve my ability with the social media outlets, sometimes just trying to figuring some things out, learn new programs (steep learning curve for me in some regards!), and sometimes actually get some writing in.

Often, I catch myself staring at the employees as they go about their jobs in the dining room.  I don't mean to, really, but I have to tell you something I've realized about myself... I feel more relaxed while watching my Whataburger employees working around me.  Is that totally weird?  You do know, of course, it's not really "MY" Whataburger.  I just sit in here and write frequently.

July 15, 2016 a sweet elder lady named Shirley asked, "Do you live here?"  I'm pretty sure she was joking... but she has seen me here really often.  And with GrA and the wraps, I'm pretty recognizable. We've also interacted a few times.

The few times I've caught myself staring at other folks just here to eat, I realize they think I'm staring at them because of the way they keep looking at me and away.  It's almost as if they desire to say, with their eyes, "Please look away from me... this direction is good."  When I re-enter the present (rather than focusing on whatever writerly work I was doing in my head), I look away quickly.  Interestingly, I often look out the window.  That's safe, right?  Well, not so much if I sit on one side of the building because then I might just be staring into someone's car!

In our culture, looking long into someone's vehicle whilst they are in it is generally really not a good thing.  Have you ever noticed that?  We folks in the U.S. really don't like people watching us.  Is this true the world over, I wonder!
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