Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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observations: people are creatures of habit

And the older the creature, the more firmly entrenched the habit.  At least, that's what it seems like to me.

I've had many opportunities recently to observe folks because I have been working in places with free wi-fi.  I am really striving to stay focused on my work, but being among people it is very easy to see similarities and differences and repeat behavior.  I've noticed that the older folks alone seem to strongly prefer certain places in, say, Whataburger or the library.  A couple fellas and one older lady specifically come to mind.

Among the younger set (teens and twenty-somethings), it seems that they don't necessarily prefer the same place and way of doing things unless they are among a few others.

As for me and my age group... middle agers, I guess (yikes!), if I'm the rule (and I definitely don't claim to be), I prefer to do things in a similar way each time, but I like to feel out a place for the optimal location for me.  In the library I have two definite favorite spots because I feel like I'm more completely hidden and stress less about breastfeeding GrA in both of them.  In Whataburger I'm pretty well exposed wherever I sit... so I just have to have a greater deal of focus on what he's doing while nursing than I would in the library spot I love.

It's easier to get more done if I can focus less on how he happens to nurse at any given moment.  I sure am hopeful that I might be able to make something come around for my family with this work I'm doing.  Just yesterday I was thinking about the hours I've spent at this in the last almost 6 weeks.  Each week I work more than 40 hours, but let's say it was just 40.  And I'm coming up to 6 weeks... so that's 240 hours.  And that doesn't include all the writing I did last year (around 3 novels worth of words)!

Yeah... author/creator work is definitely an act of hope!

So, back to the main subject... do you have any observations about habits among adults?

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