Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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my thoughts: on change

Is it even possible?

If you read my last post about my thoughts, you'll know that I definitely do believe change is possible.

Change that is last is also possible.  Improbable if we are striving for change by relying on the strength of our self.  We are fallible and weak.  So, we might backtrack and resume the action we are trying to change.  I know I have not yet successfully changed my eating habits and as a result I'm a fluffy lady.

Here's what I do know as a result of successfully changing in some specific, but less visible, ways.

Towards motivation is an absolute requirement of lasting change.  Motivation moving towards something better, rather than focusing on the movement away from what we want to change.  If we only focus on the away... we'll return, sure as shootin!  (Thus, I am still fluffy.  I haven't focused on something other than getting out of the excess fluff.)

Another really necessary tool in the effort to change is Christ.  His Atonement (being forgiven of sin) is the only thing that makes true and lasting change possible.  If we want Him and love Him more than we love our sin, we can focus on Him and His plan for us and truly leave behind the actions we desire to change.

That's tough, right?  That means that I don't love my Savior as much as I thought I did because I seem unable to leave off the addiction of overeating... which is the sin of gluttony, right?  *sigh*  Harsh.  But it's the truth, yall.  I'm extra fluffy (morbidly obese) because I eat too much... especially probably too much of the wrong things and in the wrong combinations.

I have to tell you... I have been working on some other sins that you can't see written on my body like you can see my fatness.  So, for me, working on the food addiction is just not as important as changing the other more spiritually detrimental addictions/sins.  And I believe I have made some really great strides.
One, the addiction I had to chocolate, has been under a Fast for more than five years.  The other, two... things I'm not yet ready to talk about, have been covered in the Atonement.  One for three years and the other for more than seven.  Yeay!

Change in and through our Savior really is possible!
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