Tuesday, August 2, 2016

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observations: on a Whataburger's visitors

Now, this is what I've observed in my small city in East Texas at the one Whataburger we have.  So maybe this observation is not so much about human nature, but more a regional or even local one.  I guess you'll have to tell me what you think if you've taken some time to observe a day in the life of your local 24 hour fast food joint (preferably a Whataburger... cause it could be specific to the type of restaurant, too).

Also, these observations pertain to the inside dining room of the Whataburger.  I have no idea what habits those frequenting the drive-through may have or what ages may be represented.

In the morning, starting really early at around 5am, the elder folk come in to break their fast. These are the elders we should respect simply by virtue of their age and the life experience that goes with it.  We can readily see their life written in the wrinkles on their face.  And they come as often alone as with someone else.

Surprising as it may seem, there are many in this group that come alone or with someone and meet others while here.  Almost like breakfast clubs for the Grannies and Grampies.  Many of those meetings, it seems, are prearranged.  Just as many, though, are simply by virtue of the same folks coming to eat at the same time on a regular basis.  It is enjoyable to watch these meetings, especially those that were not prearranged.

The morning and early lunch time is dominated by these sweet old folks.  They love to talk to GrA, by the way.  Many give such expressive communications as I'm walking by that I feel compelled to stop so they can try to get a smile from him.  Thankfully, this little guy is really smiley and almost always rewards them for their efforts.

Midday meal-time starts to see more younger visitors.  But still the majority is older folks who have earned their silver hairs.  Even at lunch, those who are younger are still in the thirties and above.

Later day and dinner see more families here at my favorite writer-work haunt!  Some nights (maybe Wednesdays and Saturdays) tend to have larger families visiting for a meal.  I'm thinking these might be folks departing church and stopping on their way home.  But I haven't asked any of them, so this really is just a guess.  I think it's a good guess, though, because oft-times these family groups greet one another.  Additionally, they often look well-dressed, as if for church.

Evening and night are when the youth and young adults visit.  Most often they come as groups of guys or girls.  Very few come alone.  Sometimes there are couples that seem to be out on dates.  The fewer guys, the better, as I've not directly said, but basically shared before.

A few times I've been here after the bars let out... those are some interesting times to observe.  I really do not prefer them, though, and, in fact, work hard to avoid that time (especially on Fridays and Saturdays and I just don't work at all for 24 hours on Sundays).  It's sometimes funny, but often disturbing to watch (and hear!) the interactions of the often inebriated folks that visit my Whataburger during those after hours.

My favorite working hours are from about 1am until 5am Monday through Wednesday and sometimes Thursday.  It's difficult for me to make it to my Whataburger during those hours, though, because I do need to sleep sometime!

Have you observed various hours at a local 24 hour restaurant?  I'd love to hear what you've seen... even if it's not a full 24.  Maybe you've observed a certain spread.  Tell me about it by commenting below!

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