Tuesday, August 16, 2016

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observations: habits

Have you thought about your habits?  I've been thinking about mine lately.  Mostly wondering if I should work harder to make mine more consistent or if the way my life has been working is really working best for this season.  As I observe others, many with really consistent habits, I can't help but wonder if they consider their habits.

For instance, there is a lady who comes into my favorite writer-work haunt with a book.  Not the same book every time, of course.  And she eats alone and reads.  She smiles at me and has said a few words.  I rarely initiate conversations here because I really am here to work.  I accept conversations when others start them, though, because I believe it is part of my purpose.

I wonder if she hopes for more connections and that's why she comes to eat at Whataburger.  I don't know.  Maybe she really likes to be alone.  Either way, reading puts a wall around her that prevents more connection possibilities.

There are a few guys that come and eat alone.  About half of them work on a device.  The other half are very focused on eating and then depart.  I can see those who work on a device seem to be very focused.  And those who just eat and leave are, too.  All I can do is wonder about what I observe.  And I sure do!

One of the most interesting things, to me, is how I think I could probably set a clock by how consistent some of these folks are.  Especially the elders.  The time they arrive is right about the same on the days they do.  I haven't been nose enough to observe their food choices... I do wonder if they get the same thing every day.  I think it likely just based on what I know about how the synapses in the brain become more and more entrenched as we age... like ruts in a dirt road.

Really, those ruts are, in essence, a good description of all habits.  They are pathways in the brain that are so oft repeated that they become things the body does without thought on our parts.  And when we don't do them, we feel like we're  missing something.  Putting on my wrap is like that for me.  When my babies outgrow it or I'm home and it's too hot to wear it all day, I feel a lack in my morning, for sure.

No matter what, it's definitely been really interesting to observe others and wonder about their motivations and whether their visits are born of desire or simply actions of habit.

What have you observed about your habits?  Any differences between that and what you've observed about others' habits?
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