Saturday, August 5, 2017

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Self-Improvement Saturday! The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone, a book review

The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone was a tough read for me in a few ways.  First, I have allowed fear to stop me in my tracks innumerable times.  This has impacted my family in numerous detrimental ways... perhaps the most upsetting to me currently is the fact that I have stopped my children's forward movement with their business because I'm afraid.  And when I consider the fear in an objective manner, it's ridiculous.  Yet, I continue to allow it to stop progression.  This is unacceptable!  So, it's been tough for me to realize this lack in myself.  Sometimes... perhaps all the time, really... it's super important for us to realize somehow what we're doing wrong.  If we cannot see the problem, we certainly cannot fix the problem!!!

What else... So, the actual action part of the rule is also tough for me.  I mean, golly... I have six children.  Surely that explains why I don't get some things done... right?  Nope!  Not if I'm taking correct responsibility for my choices.  This is according to Cardone.  And, in my opinion, correct thinking.  My excuses will move nothing forward and benefit no one!  Least of all me and my precious family!!

The thought part is also tough for me.  I've been struggling with this for years in one form or another.  Now, I just have to lay it out....  I've described my goals to myself.  My longest-term ones are, I think, appropriately gigantic.  And when I approach accomplishing them, I will add more that are out of the realm of possibility (or so I may think now).  That way I will keep to the 10x Rule!  hahaha

My problem with this book is the inappropriate (read: foul) language used a few times.  This is disappointing to me!  Before my children read it, a sharpie will mark through those pointless marrings of an otherwise very good personal development and business improvement sort of book.  I am adding this one to my children's growing stack of books for their entrepreneurship class, for sure.  I think anyone who recognizes the family/generational curse of *a belief of lack* should definitely add this to their personally required reading.  And, if you don't, it probably won't hurt to add it to yours anyway!

Have you read The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone?  What did you think?
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