Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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my thoughts: on choice

Growing up I recited, weekly, the above theme for the young women in my church.  In it, you can see "choice and accountability" is the fifth value mentioned.  It's a great point!  The two necessarily go hand-in-hand.  Even if it seems someone has escaped the consequences of their actions... they really haven't.  You just haven't seen the ultimate result.  Maybe never will.  Still, they will always experience, at some point or another, justice.  We are all, indeed, accountable for our choices.

The awesome thing about choice is that even in the most unlikely circumstances, we have a choice.  We can readily read about concentration camp prisoners, perhaps the most famous being Viktor Frankl, author of Man's Search for MeaningHe, like a few others, made the choice to have a positive attitude when all around them made another choice.

The difficulty is that choice doesn't always seem quite so obvious.  Sometimes our circumstances seem to demand a certain reaction or action.  The key is to recognize the point of choice.  The moment in which we make a choice to react or not.  That can be difficult and seem nigh on impossible.  But change is possible.  It really is.

Connecting to my last post about my thoughts... even if someone doesn't give us respect, it is our choice whether or not we give respect.  Regardless of their choice,  we will be held accountable for ours.  Dang it...
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