Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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observations: people react to a baby in a wrap

I have worn my babies since my first.  Not because I've always been super knowledgeable about babywearing... even now I'm definitely not as knowledgeable as many ladies out there.  I am functionally knowledgeable.  I know what works for me and do that... a LOT.

Babywearing has saved me from feeling bonkers many times.  Sometimes, though, it's a source of frustration.  In a way I will not get away from this part, though, unless I only go in public alone.  And that's just not going to work.

You see, folks around here don't often see babies wrapped.  I see a lot more babies being worn, even here in my country city than I did twelve years ago wearing my first.  But around here the packs are way more popular than wrapping.  It's probably easier for the parents, so that's why they do it.  That's a huge reason for babywearing of any kind.

Wraping is my babywearing style because the way I wrap myself into it is super versatile for wearing my babies.  With one wrap, I can hold him facing me (as a newborn), facing either right or left, and facing straight out with legs in or out.  It is rare that my babes prefer that position, but every once in a while they do.

On to how people react... well, one of the funniest things I've observed is now babies (generally) decrease personal space.  And when wearing a baby, that means my person space shrinks to almost nothing.  It's pretty funny to me now and I usually don't mind it.  But a few babies ago it was a source of much annoyance.  Why the difference?  Well, that'll be in a MY THOUGHTS post eventually.

Next is the surprise.  I've had people looked shocked and horrified in surprise as they realized I had a baby in front of me.  Once, a lady coming out of a bathroom as I went in reacted as if she'd just seen a monster and almost ran away from me.  Seriously.  I laughed harder about that than any other reaction!

Most often, though, are the abundant and ready smiles that I really don't see nearly so often when my babies are walking on their own.  People want to talk to babies.  I'll share some observations about PEOPLE TALKING TO BABIES soon.  It's really pretty wonderful and sweet.  I haven't always seen it that way because it does require a degree of patience in/from Mama that I haven't always had.  Please forgive me if you were among those impacted by my lack.  I am very sorry for my lack of understanding back when I had three and fewer.

Some folks talk to me about the wrap.  About half the time it's a way to get close enough to talk to the baby.  The other half of the time the, usually, ladies are really interested in the wrap because they're thinking of someone who could use it.  I love talking about babywearing and how it has benefited me and, I believe, my babies.  I really do think it has!

There were some folks, back when I had just two and my second was almost always in the wrap.  My second just LOVED being worn.  None of my others have loved it so much.  She was content to sit in it even when I was sitting still doing nothing for a while.  Well, there were folks that thought she would never walk because she was always in the wrap.  I think she heard and wanted to show them they were absurd because she was walking at 8.5 months!  I even caught her dancing at 9 months old!  I wish I had video of that because you really cannot imagine how adorable such a sight is!

So, babywearing... you have to be pretty dedicated if you're like me... and don't prefer lots of folks staring at you.  But it's worth it for many reasons.  If you haven't heard of it, check it out!  And tell me what you think whether you wear your babies or not!
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