Friday, September 9, 2016

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The Selection, a book review

Hey yall! 

Another book review to share.  I heard about this one from a guy who was a really new missionary in my neck of the woods back in July (2016).  I'd just met him and asked if he was a reader.  He was!  Yeay!  When asked, he told me his fave genres.  Among them was romance.  Surprise! Right?  Well, I was a bit surprised.  Some girl will be very lucky in a couple.... maybe a few years.  And he's pretty cute... in a little boy sorta way.

Anyway... I asked if he had a favorite author and/or book.  He told me his favorite author was Kiera Cass and his fave book (series, really): The Selection.  So, I felt compelled to read it because of his recommendation.

I love it!  We just returned it to the library.  I was able to force myself to put it down after starting it.  The second time I picked it up, though, coincided with one of my hormone induced sleepless nights.  So, I read the rest of the book.  It's an easy read!

Imagine a cross between "The Bachelor" and Hunger Games, heavy on the former, and you've got the premise of this very cool read.  I'm excited to find out if the focus on the latter increases as the series progresses.

Let me know what you think if you check it out!  I'd love to tell this missionary that he's helped others find an awesome series and author.  Thank you, in advance.
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