Friday, November 11, 2016

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The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski, a book review

The Valorian Kestrel, in The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski, struggles in the heart of the empire: Valoria. She is a member of the emperor's house now, engaged to his despised son. Kestrel's soft heart finds good in the young man and the two become friends.

Intrigue surrounds her and follows her like a stench one cannot bathe away. She is working diligently to play the 'game' she has set in motion. Will she win?

I enjoyed this second book in the trilogy. I accidentally read it first.

Most authors include many, perhaps most, details from their preceding books in each subsequent book. Rutkoski did include many and the major ones, of course, but when I read the first book, I learned many details barely, if at all, alluded to in the second or third books. I like this because it shows a sort of confidence in the author. Confidence that each part of her story is worthwhile and if you want to know the whole story, you better read all of it.

This is young adult fiction. I might let my eldest daughter, currently twelve, read it when she's sixteen. There are only a couple steamy scenes which are not graphic. However, the whole book is riddled with inter-relational thoughts I'd rather my children not consider until they are a little older.

Have you read The Winner's Crime? What did you think?
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