Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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writing life: writing as a mom

When I was a bit younger and before I had children, I wrote by the muse and couldn't imagine writing otherwise.

Basically, if you read between the lines… for me that means that I wrote only here and there when the fancy or pressing need urged me. I still strive to write at those times, of course.

Yet now, I work hard to sit down even if the fancy doesn't strike and even if the mood doesn't hit… in other words, when the muse is absent. It is increasingly important for me to write in the moments I can marshall together because the rest of my time is so very consumed by my greatest and most important calling: Mamahood!

So, what does that look like? Writing as a Mom looks a lot different than it used to, that's for sure. For one, it's far more difficult to put more than ten minutes together to write, many days. For me, ten minutes is about what it takes for me to enter the world of whatever story I'm working on. They are so very different from my own, doncha know!

I knew it would be nigh on impossible for me to sit to write for a while after my most recent babe “woke up” somewhere around 3 months old. So, I planned accordingly. I wrote as much as I could, making use of the primary and secondary insomnia that hit at the end of my pregnancy with him and in the days between when he was born and when he woke up. I did pretty well, if I may say so myself. I measure my effort as good by the fact that I only missed one week of installments of Learning to Burn between those I scheduled before he woke up and adding more once he was awake.

My efforts to write anything were very sporadic due to the needs of my nursling and all else I needed to do to manage my family life. My husband found and started working what we hope will be his work “home” for years to come. He had been mostly unemployed for about two years. During that unemployed time, I spent a good deal of time working in town (especially after GrA was born) to start and hopefully somewhat establish my author platform.

Well, the platform is doing poorly, but at least this blog has been pretty well maintained!

Come back next week to hear some more specifics about how writing works (and sometimes doesn't) for me.

Do you write? Do you have children? How does that work for you?
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