Thursday, March 30, 2017

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learning to burn, part 28

Please begin at the beginning!  And remember first draft crazy, notes and all!  Still, I love to hear what you think.

The two, with Os on Ofonode's shoulder begin to walk along the road, which is obviously the primary thoroughfare when Shabred calls out to them, “Let me help yous three. I aint got a lot, but me mum knows people, she do. I aint never seen yous 'round here before so yous probly needs some help gettin' along here, yous do. Let me help, you will.”
Eminghare and Ofonode look at each other, 'I think he will be a valuable assistance, don't you,' Eminghare thinks to Ofonode. He nods in reply.
“Thank you, Shabred,” Ofonode says to the very tall man. “We appreciate your help. We need to find work to get provisions so that we can continue our journey as quickly as possible.”
“Me mum can help you find work, she can. Evening time is the most difficult for her, it is. Let me take you to a family with many children where you can help make dinner and they'll give you a place to sleep for the night, they will. The mum there is very kind, she is, and needs help most days, she do. In the morning I'll take you to me mum, I will. It's me day off tomorrow, it is, so it works out quite right and tidy, it do.”
“Lead on, Shabred. Thank you for your help.” Eminghare replies.
The three follow the tall man down a side street to a house that looks like one side of it is the wall. Shabred knocks on the door. It opens and a child shorter than Eminghare looks at the small group for a moment and then runs off leaving the door open.
“She'll get her mum, she will. We should step up, close the door, and wait for her, we will.”
A moment later a lovely woman almost as tall as Shabred walks up. She looks perfectly put together and even noble. “Oh, Shabred. You've brought me help for the evening meal, I see. Some wanderers. And they are kind. I'm so glad they have been good to you. You of all deserve kindness.” The lovely lady smiles down on the three and they feel warmed by her regard. “Will you sleep here one night only, little ones?”
“I think so. Shabred was going to take us to his mum tomorrow to find work. We really need to get along on our journey, but must earn enough for provisions first.”
“I see. Well, let's see how this evening goes along and Shabred will come for you in the morning. Perhaps he will only show you around our city. He so enjoys visitors and is a very good guide. Of course, if you can make the time to spend with him, that is.”
'I can't explain why, but I think making friends with Shabred is probably the absolutely best thing we can do in this town… so spending time with him tomorrow is an investment of sorts. I don't know how it will turn out, but I think we should do exactly that. Is that okay, Ofonode?' Eminghare thinks at him.
'I completely agree with you.' he responds via thought alone.
“Good. It's settled.” Ofonode and Eminghare look with confusion at one another. The lovely lady continues, “Come back in the morning, dear Shabred, and make sure to come hungry. We will all eat together before you leave with our new friends to wander the city.”
“Thankee Lady Gracey, I do. I knew you'd see what I see, I did. See you little 'uns in the morning, I will. Sleep well, now, tomorrow will be fun, it will.”
“Bye Shabred,” Eminghare and Ofonode chorus.
“What will I call you, other than friends, I mean? You can call me Grace. Shabred calls people what he wants to call us and we love him so we let him. But you three must surely have names you prefer over 'little ones'!” Lady Grace smiles a smile full of delight.
“Yes. I prefer to be called Ofonode. My lizard friend is Oseratin and this is Eminghare.”
“Ofonode… Eminghare. Yes. Perfect names for you both. Oseratin. I'm sure it's perfect for you, too. Though in your current form I can't see quite as well as… Won't you show me your bipedal self?” Eminghare and Ofonode suck in a big breath of shock. Grace continues, “It is ever so much easier to see completely when there is more to see. If you prefer, you may take the fiercer form.”
Oseratin jumps from Ofonode's shoulder and shifts in flight to land in his humanoid form crouched on the floor. He looks up into the face of Grace.
“Yes. Oseratin is, indeed, a fitting name for you. Stand, my friend. You will help these work so that you all may continue on your way more swiftly. And will your female friend remove her cloak and share her name? I would prefer to know all who stay in my home. And be known by them.”
Binia removes her cloak and appears, right where Lady Grace is looking, next to Eminghare. “Bineenia. Oh, what a pleasure to meet you here. I am so glad to know you are, in fact, alive! I'd heard it whispered, but didn't dare hope.”
Oseratin stands slowly and at his full height is slightly shorter than Lady Grace. “It seems, my Lady, that you know us far better than we know you. As such, you are at an advantage. I cannot speak for Bineenia, but as for myself, I feel a great disquietude.”
“As so I.” Binia says simply.
“Yes, of course. I am Bineenia's half sister. We of THE NAME OF THE TOWN are descendants of Trake and Shandy. Felandore and Eliandore found mates of this planet and the three families established this place. We have always welcomed travelers and many have stayed over the years.”
“Our… our mother is here?”
“She was. She and my father, Trake, left in hopes of finding you and Oseratin as well as a few others. They did not return. We have sent some to find them, but though all have returned, they did not find them or word of them.
“It… it is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Grace.”
“No. Grace. You are greater than I. I know who your father was. My father was wonderful, but could not compare.”
“Trake was always diligent to do right. That is all any of us can ever do and the best we can be. My father was no better.”
“You are humble. But I know. Our mother loved… loves my father. But she knew the truth and spoke it so that I would know that I should and how I should honor you if I was privileged and blessed to meet you some day.”
Binia inclined her head softly. Grace curtsied slightly. “Will you rest in the parlour while we prepare dinner, Bineenia?”
“I would rather be with my friends and do what they do. We would like to participate here as Shabred told us we would.”
“As you would have it, then. Please come this way to the kitchen.”

“You have many children, Lady Grace.”
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