Thursday, January 5, 2017

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learning to burn, part 18

 Please start from the beginning.

He waits a moment longer, “We, those like Binia and I, didn't know there were so many with us who wanted to conquer your lovely planet. Such thoughts were supposed to be weeded out of all applicants. We failed in that regard and have made ourselves protectors of the smaller groups of your people. We feel very protective over and love you and your people very much. As we should, love you, that is, since we are all siblings, spiritually speaking.

“Now, you know that Binia can transform into a flying dragon who can breathe fire. Because she was actually born on your planet, she hasn't had enough experience to know that it would be safe for you to see her other form. So, I'm going to tell you first: she and I can look like you.”

Eminghare springs into a standing position and, at the same time, “No! Is such a thing even possible?”

Oseratin and Binia look at each other. Ofonode stands, feeling sure that they are moments away from shifting to show her.

In the blink of an eye, the two previously small lizards, stand upright as rather tall humanoid beings. Both Ofonode, who is tall for an Anadarian, and Eminghare look up at their companions. Os and Binia's fingers are longer than any Anadarians'. Os holds his hang out for Eminghare and Ofonode to look at. It is much the same, though with four fingers and a thumb rather than the three fingers and thumb that the Anadarians have. The invisians' hair covers the whole of their head rather than, only having hair on the top and down a center strip in back as with Anadarians. Ofonode decides that all the invisians must have various shades of silver hair because even Binia, who is so much younger than Os, has a full head of silvery hair. Her hair is longer by far than his and Ofonode wonders if that's because males' hair grows much slower.

“Is it not much easier to see that we could come from the same spiritual father now that you have seen us in this form, Eminghare?”

She nods her head.

Binia moves close to her and reaches out her hand. Eminghare looks at it, but doesn't make a move to touch her. Binia reaches farther and touches the side of Eminghare's upper arm.

“She is still who you know, Eminghare. She is simply in a form unfamiliar to you. You've loved her before and she loves you still.”

Eminghare reaches across herself to put a hand over Binia's, “It's just so….”

Binia nods her head, a slight smile forming on her mouth.

“I will teach her to speak to you. She has learned while traveling with you, but doesn't feel confident at all yet.” Os smiles softly and looks at the two females. He jumps ever so slightly as if he's just been reminded of something. “Oh, I must continue to tell you two about our kind! There are a couple things left to say. Only invisian females are able to cloak themselves so perfectly as to see to disappear. As you have seen, some are so skilled as to be able to provide the same shelter to others.  This is rare. I am deeply impressed that Binia, with her youth, is so skilled! Breathing fire is within our scope of abilities, but only used under extreme duress and if the opportunity for extensive rest is possible immediately afterward.

“We live a very long time. Apparently, so do your people, Eminghare. But Ofonode's usually do not live as long as yours. Given what Binia has conveyed, it is very important for you to know this right now, Eminghare.

“Invisians are able to communicate telepathically with one another. Usually only in line of sight, though. This is why we are so isolated. We don't know where the others like us are… neither those who are for or against us. Sometimes, if a companion is willing, we are able to communicate with those who are not invisian. If we become close enough and build a strong enough rapport, it seems likely that we should be able to communicate in this way with anyone we love. Binia is sure you have heard her in this way a few times. I'm sure Ofonode has heard me once, though he might have thought otherwise.

“Basically, other than the physical differences you can see, that covers all else. Binia has conveyed that it is important for us to sleep soon and stay only one whole day more and leave the next morning. I'm pretty sure Eminghare would have mentioned that to you next Ofonode.”

Eminghare nods her head.

“I'm not sure if we'll have enough supplies for the journey, especially since Eminghare just started, but if the rest of you think we can do it, I'll trust that.”

Os nods his head, “Then it is agreed. We must make our way to the sleeping quarters and rest.”
Eminghare, Os shifting into small lizard form, and Ofonode walk away toward the bunk houses.
“Basically, if the door is closed, don't open it to look for a bed. If all the doors are closed, climb into the loft. There will be bunks and cots around the space up there. I'm certain there are a couple rooms available, though there isn't much room other than the bed and some space to walk around two sides of it. I prefer the rooms, to the loft. But if the girls are feeling mean, they might have closed all the doors since you're out so late.”

“Thanks for telling me. Since we'll travel together, I'll finish telling you what I was going to say later. I'm feeling completely wiped out and ready to sleep. I'm not even sure how to tell you what I want to share right now because my brain feels fuzzy. I guess it's just a bit of information overload, maybe.”
“No problem, Eminghare.” The three have arrived at the women's bunkhouse. “Sleep well.”

“You, too, Ofonode.”

Ofonode waits until Eminghare is inside with the outer door closed and then catches up to Os who is already on his way to the men's building. They make their way to the room they share. Ofonode falls into the bed and Os plops into the cushy pillow almost under the bed.

“I hope you understand that I have not been reticent because of you, at all. It has proven unwise for my kind to share too openly with your people. Binia and I were able to communicate deeply and we both believe you two are trustworthy. I hope you will prove us right.”

Mumbling with fatigue Ofonode replies, just before he falls asleep, “Me, too."
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