Thursday, September 8, 2016

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learning to burn part 1

"It's a skill like any other. You have to practice much before you will begin and then you must practice more to become highly skilled."

"Kokofeko, you say that every day, but I just don't believe you now. BIG FIRE (another male youth) started yesterday and wasn't even trying. And a week ago the same thing happened with NATURAL (another female youth)."

"So, because you must work harder to begin your own, you think you can't do it because you haven't yet?"

"Yeah. That's exactly what I think."

"Well, that's the lazy way out of work. That's all there is to it."

"Yeah. I know you think I'm lazy. You've made that really clear my whole life!"

"Ofonode! That just cannot be true! I know you are capable and do good, hard work. Surely I have communicated to you this knowledge!?"

"I haven't heard that much, if at all. I have heard that you think I don't try hard enough and that you think I'm lazy."

"I hear your words and I believe I understand. What do you think, Ofonode?"

"I think you're about to try to turn this into something it's not. You're just trying to twist me all around so that I don't even know what I mean. You always do it with those questions! I'm not falling for it this time!"

"What would you like to do now, then?"

"Now? Well. Ummm. I think I'd like to go for a walk alone. Yeah, that's what I want to do now."

"Ok. Please tell me how long you intend to be gone and if you have a destination in mind."

"What? Just like that... you're going to let me leave and not work on starting my fire any more?"

"That's right."

"Why?! You've never done this before?"

"Why not?"

"Umm... okay.... Well, I will be gone until the sun sets and I'm going to Guwaloose's dwelling."

"Please arrive back before the sun is actually set. Otherwise, this is acceptable."

"Really, Kokofeko? Just like that?"

"Yes. Just like that."

Ofonode felt uneasy as he walked away from the dwelling he shared with his guide who was also his teacher for most subjects and his Aunt. It just wasn't like her to stop pushing him to keep working at something... especially something as important as his flame.

Why did I decide to go to Guwaloose's? He lives farther away than any of my friends'. Now I have to go there. Kokofeko will surely check to see if I'm doing what I said I would do. Dang it! Why did she let me go, anyway?

Lost in thought, he tripped on a root washed free of dirt in the last rain.

Laughter erupted behind him and along with it, Ofonode felt anger rise as a flame within him. He turned to face the one who mocked him, flames flaring from his eyes and a warm orange tint coloring his pale skin. As soon as he saw Biemose, the flames in his eyes immediately die and his skin returns to it's peaches and cream colors.

"My, my, Ofonode. You looked to be on fire for a moment! It becomes you very well."

"Really?! No. That's couldn't be. I'm sure you're mistaken."

"Mistaken? Why are you so sure? I am absolutely certain I saw sparks, if not a full flame, fly from your eyes just a moment ago."

"Maybe you've imagined it?"

"Why would I do such a thing? Really!? I was going to walk with you, but I dislike being called a liar, which you've now done repeatedly without using that word. I think I'm going to Kakaboeds's instead."

Biemose I'm sorry! I... I didn't mean... I wasn't trying to call you a...." But it was too late. She continued walking away from him smoothly, almost as if she was floating like an angel, with her head held high.

Ofonode turned his head in the direction of Guwaloose's dwelling and thought to himself:

Why do I do this to myself? I need to get control of my mouth... and anger. I almost said something really mean to Biemose just because I heard someone laughing at me. I'm sure I did look funny. I mean, I almost fell back there. And what did she mean about sparks and flames from my eyes... and the color of fire in my skin... or something like that? I was just angry. I don't know how to become fire. I'm probably going to become an adult and not be able to burn, just like Ughegbe. No one likes him and I definitely don't want to become him. I need to get myself under control.
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Edo/Bini to English
Amenze: always brings calm and order into chaotic situation, a female name

Bie: born
Biemose, two words bie and mose found herein.
ede: grey hair

egbe: family

Eminghare: have faith and be prepared, also: end of situation appears to be in doubt, a unisex name
Ese oghe osa na khin: gift og God in this
feko: gently
Guwalo: find
Guwaloose, two words guwalo ose: found herein

hoen: hear

Ifueko: gentle, moderation, careful 

Itohan: mercy, a female name
kakabo: a lot, very
Kakaboede, two words kakabo and ede: found herein
Khien: become
koko: gather
Kokofeko, two words koko and feko: found herein
mose: beautiful

ne: the
Ofo Node: finish yesterday

Oghodua: God

ogie: laughter 
orhomwen: star
ose: friend
ovbiokhan: little
ughegbe: mirror
Yayi: believe

zee: speak

zobo: drink
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