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taking flight FINISHES

This is the third part.  If you have not read the first two, please click HERE.  This post simply finishes the story.  No summary of previous parts.  I figure you're smart enough to realize that the whole story must be read to understand this part!    ;)

Moja takes a deep breath, savoring the feel of air in her lungs.  She feels and sees everything in high relief… more poignantly than ever before in her life.  She wants to experience this moment because she is absolutely certain that it will be her last.  She looks over her shoulder at Bwana Mwalimu.  He is as serene as ever.  ‘Doesn’t he know I’m going to fall to my death,’ Moja thinks to herself.  She faces the great expanse again.  Another breath.  She takes a step forward so that only the heels of her feet are still attached to the earth.  A tear escapes a pool in one of her eyes.  Another breath, she closes her eyes and a tears escapes each eye.  Moja quickly steps off the earth into the air… and doesn’t fall.  Both feet are in the air.  The earth of Kiwango Chajuu is completely behind her, yet she hasn’t fallen.
Moja looks over her shoulder at Bwana Mwalimu.  He is smiling broadly, tears streaming down his face.  Moja smiles a lopsided smile, raises a hand and shoulder and begins to fall.
But it’s not falling.  It’s moving.  She’s turning.  Moja realizes that she’s not really standing in the air now, but lying there with her belly toward the earth.
Bwana Mwalimu is next to her now.  She can see his radiant bright blue wings moving in the air.  And then, only then is she able to see her own. The scales fall from her eyes and she sees her own wings.  They are, to her eyes and heart, more beautiful than she could’ve ever wished for.
I did it!  I’m flying!”
Yes.  Yes you are!”
But… I didn’t even know I had wings when I stepped off of Kiwango Chajuu.”
I thought as much.”
You could see them couldn’t you?”
I could see the light gathering for them.  And I could see them beginning to form.”
And you didn’t tell me?”
You didn’t ask.”
I thought I was going to die!”
And here you are.  Moja Kidogo, would you like to fly back to Kijiji Chaupendo?”
Why so formal, my teacher?  Yes, I would like to fly back to the village.  Do you think I can make it that far?
Because I address a flyer.  As for whether I think you can make it, what I think is not of any concern, Maja Kidogo.  Do YOU think you can make it that far?
Yes.  Yes, I know I can.  Let’s go.”
Upon returning to the village a group of people has gathered and are cheering as Kidogo and Bwana Mwalimu fly back.
Bwana lands and then Moja joins him, flawlessly landing for the first time as if she has done it for a lifetime.  Her parents and brother run to hug her.
How did you know we were coming?” Moja asks her Mother, looking around at the group, as they embrace.
We thought we saw a burning ship approach.  Others called, too, so we all gathered to watch.  Only as you drew near did we realize you were flying, Moja. My sweet Moja!  I always knew your faith burned so bright! Your wings are magnificent!  I haven’t seen wings like that in… well, it’s been a really long time.
Thank you, Mother.  I love them.  I never would’ve thought I would have such lovely wings.  And flying is so much easier than I thought it would be.”
How many times have you flown, my little one?” her Father asked.
This is the first time.”
Really?  No way, Moja!” Akili, her older brother, smiled and teased.
Yes.  You know I only tell the truth.”  She is shocked and saddened by his question and incredulity because she is not thinking about his words from him, simply reacting to the words themselves.
Moja,” Bwana Mwalmu intervenes, “I am relatively certain that he only asks incredulously because you landed so perfectly.  Most people require numerous practice landings to do it as well as you just did.”  Akili nods in agreement.
Oh.” Moja says.  “Wow.  That’s really wonderful!  I mean… I know you always tell the truth, but could you be exaggerating a little bit, Bwana?”
No, Moja.  I state only what I observe.  Exaggeration is a form of lie as I understand and choose to live..  I believe Mugu Upendo has big plans for you.  You must carefully seek His Will and perform it with exactness.  Where much is given, much is required.”

to review Swahili names and words, click HERE.  You'll find the translations at the bottom of the post.
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